Bulls and Bears Make Money, Pigs Never Do......

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker

It's time! If ever you wanted to move to Greenwich, CT; the time is now. There are some unbelievable opportunities at last. Not since 1993 (when I bought my home) have I seen homes and land, locations and prices come together and offer up some prize properties. If you are a young couple and think it's time to leave the city, but worry that the "burbs" will dull your dazzling life, then think about this: you could live in a 4 bedroom home, with a huge yard, walk to Starbuck's for your latte, jog around the beach (instead of the Resevoir), take in a show or have a great dinner with friends, and be growing your investment while you sleep faster than ever before because you could buy a multi-family and let your rentors pay your mortgage. Or buy a fixer-upper and have the fun of putting your own design spin on a place that will grow in value for every dollar you spend, as the market goes back up. That's real dazzle.

Really, just come take a look. We have the most beautiful parks, the Bruce Museum, Greenwich ave. for almost any shop you could want, great restaurants, gorgeous back country hikes, waterfront concerts and wonderful peole from all over the world to meet and befriend.

If you only like new, we have that too! Just give me a call, even if you just want to get an idea of what is available. I am at your service. Oh, and when you do move, I give 5% of my net to the charity of your choice, in your name! It's giving back at its best, for the best reason: your new home. 

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