A Lesson in Marketing!

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Growing up in LA meant that you did your shopping within a one mile radius from your house. We did our grocery shopping, clothes shopping, went to the dentist and doctor on the corner and belonged to the closest church We were loyal to our local businesses and they trusted our loyalty and often laziness.

Selma, Ca where I live now, is very much the same way. With a little more than 24,000 residents, I would say most of them grew up here, went to school with the local store owners, and a walk down the street is reminiscent of Mayberry or Little House on the Prairie with howdies and did you hear the so and so died. Everyone does their business within a one mile radius here too or they stick to whomever they have used till the end.

Now check this out these new guys from elsewhere; I have been watching this Tax store pull in the business every day since January. I pass by their new little store about 8 times a day and it is packed with couples. Selma already has a tax consultant that probably graduated high school with 70% of its residents so not to worry...their clients are friends...friends are loyal, right? NOT!!! I took a picture of the local tax guys store and I have taken some pictures of the 'new guy in town' and his marketing genius. See what you think happened:

Selma tax consultant




This is the local tax consultant that has been in this location for years, confident that he has a loyal client base.

This picture was taken early in the morning before they open at ten. 







Marketing genius








This is the new guy in town...right around the corner...most likely here until April 15th...this picture was also taken early in the morning before they open at nine.








Now here is the new tax store in action during their long open hours:

open for business 

Liberty waver




Notice the Statue of Liberty costume with an American flag? There is a person like that on all 4 corners at the main traffic intersection in town.

There isn't a person coming into Selma or going out of Selma who does not know about Liberty Tax Services.

Every chair is filled all day long.

Their marketing tells me they know what they offer is important to us and they are here for us, they love what they do and they are excited about what they do.

Who wouldn't want to do business with a person or company that is this lively! 



I think they are a genius and if I did not already retain a tax company, I would let them take care of me. Oh, here is a picture of the local guy when the business office is open:

tax guy

And the lesson is...


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Brian Schulman
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Lancaster PA - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County PA RealEstate Expert 717-951-5552
Wow - what a difference.  The new guy is practicing "outside the block" marketing.  I'd probably go there myself...
Mar 01, 2008 03:20 AM
Betty Haney
Haney Consulting - Calgary, AB
Sheron, it always amazes me how many creative people there are in this little world of ours.  Can you imagine having the funds to open a 'staging store?'  What fun you could have using your props for display outside the store.  Great post.  Betty
Mar 01, 2008 03:37 AM
Lorraine or Loretta Kratz
Crescent Moon Realty, Inc. & Land N Sea Auctions. - San Marcos, CA
Certified Negotiation Consultants


Most people are intrigue by what is new. Like trying a new restaurant, it will come down to service, and which agency can deliver on their promises. It will be interesting to see what happens when the newness wears off.  

Mar 01, 2008 03:45 AM
Sheron Cardin
California Moods Inc - Selma, CA
ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend!

Brian - they taught me "You can never be dull in sales if you want to succeed!" and I want to let them know...I think I will!

Hey Betty - how are you??? Not a bad idea. When I was in Seattle I visited a furniture consignment store in downtown because they felt 'happy' and looked 'happy' and when I entered, I was approached by a gal who was excited to see me as though we were friends. I quickly discovered that home stagers used their merchandise regularly and when they were finished with the pieces, they would trade them for other peices.

Mar 01, 2008 03:50 AM
Sheron Cardin
California Moods Inc - Selma, CA
ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend!
Hi Lorraine and Loretta - I will bet that the new guy in town does something else with the remaining 8 months of the year and then will return as a seasonal business. I love their flexibility and the savvy approach to making a living. We will see...I will let you know what happens in May.
Mar 01, 2008 03:52 AM
Audrey June-Forshey
RE/MAX Realty Services - Darnestown, MD
GRI, Gaithersburg, MD
Just proves, you gotta put it in people's faces sometimes so they don't forget.  That is why we have to be consistant with our marketing!!  Good post.
Mar 01, 2008 03:55 AM
Cedric (Ced) Reynolds
Covina, CA
(909) 263-4569


By the way, the Liberty Tax people in our area offer insurance and bookkeeping during their off season and they seem to stay pretty busy. 

Good post,

Ced - That Prepaid Legal Guy
Mar 01, 2008 08:47 AM
Dana Forster
AHome4Sale - Fredericksburg, VA
Realtor, A Home 4Sale Inc, Va
Sheron- Here in Fredericksburg the Statue of Liberty has also made their presence known(Liberty Tax Service) It seems to be working
Mar 01, 2008 09:09 AM
Renae Bolton
Marketing 4 Realtors - Garfield Heights, OH
I'm your Professional Real Estate Marketing VA!

I hope that the neighborhood tax guy is thinking about this.  His business depends upon it!  Because we all know that "friends" are anything BUT loyal!


Mar 04, 2008 03:41 AM
Serena Brown
Taylor-Brown Real Estate - Hammond, IN
the lesson is think outside the box or you may in your box alone.
Mar 05, 2008 01:20 PM
Scott Williams
Realty Five of Defiance - Defiance, OH
Defiance, OH
It says a lot about "loyalty" and marketing.  We also need to market to the loyal!
Mar 05, 2008 01:26 PM
Sheron Cardin
California Moods Inc - Selma, CA
ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend!
Hey all - an out of town friend witnessed the Liberty flag wavers on the corners and was amazed to find them there every time we drove by (which was about 12 times a day for 3 days) waving their flag and looking us in the eye. Loud, in your face, proud! That is how I am assessing it. Not everybody's style and thank goodness it isn't! I will keep an eye on the 'other' tax guy and see if he takes it up a notch.
Mar 05, 2008 01:54 PM