How Green is my County's Government?

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Be Proud Sonoma County!  Our Governmental Agencies are proactive leaders in the areas of conservation, environment, and green building and in many cases are acting as role models for the other similar programs nationwide.

Sonoma County and all of its cities have made a major commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some examples:

The County's Business Environmental Alliance (BEA), established in 1995, is charged with implementing an integrated program of voluntary responsible environmental practices by local business. The BEA is one of the first initiatives of its kind. This business-driven community partnership, coordinated by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, centers on the use of business-to-business communication to promote voluntary responsible environmental practices as a means toward economic profitability. 

Cotati:  Cotati is proud of its trend toward mixed use development and "Green Building." They envision continuing a leadership role in Green Building with their future Rail Station and Walkable designs.

Santa Rosa:  This city has an Environmental Projects team focused on enabling the City to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and help reduce them throughout the community.   They are introducing the use of renewable energy such as solar, biomass, wind,  and alternative fuels into city operations.

The City has also rimplemented a number of energy and water conservation projects. including reusing recycled wastewater and biosolids. The City also educates employees and the community about Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, and encouraging  municipalities and residents to build green."

For more information, visit the following pages: and

Sebastopol:  Who's the greenest city of all?  This City has been leading the way for a long time.  They aren't afraid to take a stand about environmental protection.  They are committed to maintaining and improving the City's environmental health long term and have introduced new technology in support of their goals.

Town of Windsor has adopted a voluntary Green Building program. For more information go to:

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Simon Conway
Orlando Area Real Estate Services - Orlando, FL

This is SOOOOO cool - and a complete waste of taxpayer money.

The fastest recorded change in temperature EVER - up or down - is now showing that the earth is cooling. In fact it has cooled so fast that it is enough to wipe out the last 100 years of Global Warming.

Various news outlets are reporting that all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year. California meteorologist Anthony Watts says the amount of cooling ranges from 65-hundredths of a degree Centigrade to 75-hundreds of a degree.

Scientists are explaining that REDUCED SOLAR ACTIVITY is to blame for the cooling which is a far more important factor in global temperature than anything man can do.

Mar 01, 2008 01:03 AM
Cindy Brandon
Santa Rosa, CA
CDPE, EcoBroker, GRI, CRS, ePro
Thank you for your post.  I'd love to read more about this.  Would you let me know where I can learn more? 
Mar 01, 2008 01:09 AM
Simon Conway
Orlando Area Real Estate Services - Orlando, FL
Hi Cindy - well I tend to do envrionmental stuff a lot, so subscribing to my blog might help a bit. This partcular piece of news can be found at various places including MSNBC (although you have to remove their own political bias from the story).
Mar 01, 2008 04:02 AM