We have Caring Agents

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Classic Realty Associates

We are truly amazed at times when our agents go beyond the call of duty to help their clients and fellow Realtors. This could be as simple as offering to pick up lunch for a fellow office mate who is snowed under, or even babysitting their kids in a pinch. We have seen agents literally clean the house themselves for a client, haul off trash and debris, and just go way beyond what the job requires.

But isn't that really what the true Realtor spirit is? Doing more than what the public or the other agent expects.

That is the image we should all strive more to portray when working on transactions with each other.  It is not a battle, where there are winners and losers unless we decide to make it that way.

Have a great day!

Brent and Trey



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