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choosing the right realtor

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Choosing a Realtor to List your Property!!!   Prior to listing your home you should do some home work yourself. First look around your neighborhood and see if a certain Realtor specializes your area, if so definitely contact that Realtor (regardless if you use them or not) and see what they have to say. Second, look at the local advertising and see who is going to aggressively market your property. Thirdly, ask around, see if someone recommends someone they have recently done business with and possbily hear their story. Then you should get at least 2 opinions of price from your local professional Realtor. This is let you know if you are thinking in the same price range as what the real market value is. Remember, if these 2 professionals come in with such a different price range then you need to get a third opinion. Some Realtors have to meet a "quota" of listings in order to stay at their office. So this would be a reason for a Realtor to over inflate a listing price, just to get the listing. This is called "Buying a Listing", and this also does no good for either the seller or the Realtor. Instead, seller usually gets frustrated with the Realtor and Realtor is frustrated because they took the over priced listing in hopes of catching a fish (another story) and if so... then the realtor could possibly talk the seller into excepting a lower price, but in reality the seller could of possibly sold alot earlier if they would of listened to the lower priced Realtor. And remember..  "don't punish the honest Realtor for giving you fair market value", they are only doing their job, Sometimes Realtors offer "staging" services, this is done usually on a case by case basis. Some homes staging is needed, I know I have found homes, with minimal knick knack and furniture do sell quicker. Most buyers do not have an imagnation to see themselves in a home that has too much of the sellers personality. De-clutter!!!! Clean Clean Clean, and refresh the landscaping and paint goes along way. Ask the professional what you should do to make your home more appealing. Of course in the old days, I am told LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION was the main 3 ingredients to real estate. Today it seems to be PRICE PRICE PRICE, so be smart and interview several professionals and price your property right!!! Happy Selling!!!