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Minerva Park Sign Minerva Park is a village in Central Ohio.  It is a suburb of Columbus, one of the early suburbs.  Minerva Park is in northeast Franklin County.

1. Beauty  Winter, spring, summer or fall, Minerva Park is beautiful with it's mature trees, classic homes, lakes and ravines. The lakes in the village are for the private use of the village inhabitants. 

2. Schools Minerva Park is in the Westerville School District.  Visit my website for information on other Central Ohio school districts too.  Hawthorne Elementary on Far View Rd, on the north side of Minerva Park is the elementary school for the streets in the village.   

3. Smart  Minerva Park has a plan in place for the development of the golf course. Visit the Minerva Park Village Website  for information about the TIF district:  "We are pleased to announce that the Village passed a 30-year 75% Residential Tax Incentive District, a TIF, in 2005."  

A letter from the Village's Attorney says:

"Bottom line: If the residential TIF is in effect, the Village stands to gain significant new revenue annually upon buildout of new residences or nonresidential structures. Without the residential TIF, the Village's net gain of property taxes from any new development will, for all practical  purposes, be next to nothing. (Although new property will come    on the tax rolls, the current tax levies will Minerva Amusement Park historical markerbe automatically adjusted downward so that the Village does not receive a "windfall.") If existing residents desire that the residents of the new subdivision bear their "fair share" of supporting the Village infrastructure, the residential TIF is a tool to help shift that burden."                          

4. History Minerva Park has a fun history.  There was an amusement park where the village is now located at the turn of the century... the last turn of the century.  There were gardens, a zoological park, a casino (misnamed no gambling), the lakes and more.  

 information about the historical marker


Minerva Park police car

history of Minerva Park goes decade by decade from the time of the Amusement park through the 19990's.  The majority of the development in Minerva Park was in the 1940's and 1950's. 

5. Safe  Minerva Park has an awesome police department.  Speed through 'the park' and you'll find out how awesome. You don't even really have to go that fast....

Minerva Park Police - Seriously Minerva Park is safe because of the vigilant patroling.   

According to Wikipedia Minerva Park is an enclave.  The village of Minerva Park is surrounded by the City of Columbus.  I knew the word, enclave however I don't know that I knew what it meant until I looked up enclave based on the Minerva Park Wikipedia listing.   "The cities of Minerva Park, Bexley, Whitehall, and Valleyview are enclaves of Columbus."  The Wikipedia enclave entry describes countries that are surrounded by other countries for the most part, rather than cities and villages.

The Five Reasons to buy in Columbus   hold true for the Village of Minerva Park too.  Inventory, Safe Market, Affordable, and great mortgage options.

Edited January 2011 to fix some messed up links and formatting issues that developed over time.  Apologies to anyone with this site in an RSS feed.  Minerva Park was great buy in 2007...  it still is.

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