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I recently have been asked why I joined Connect Realty and I would like to share my response for others who might ask me that same question.  First of all thank you!  I am more than happy to talk to you about Connect Realty and my decision to join them.  I have heard whisperings of us being another Exit!  First of all I do not know much about Exit Realty.  I do know about Keller Williams, Remax, and many other real estate companies and the high costs of being affiliated with them.  I had been waiting for the right real estate opportunity when I heard about Connect Realty.  Up until that point I had been working in a virtual real estate office off and on for the past several years.  Prior to this I worked in and out of a brick and mortar real estate office environment.   I think it is good to be with a group of agents in an office when you are new to the business.  Once you reach that level of expertise (when you can do this basically in your sleep, you have the knowledge, contract writing and processes down without needing the everyday help of your broker) you will venture off on your own once you realize you can keep more of your commission that you have worked so hard for.  I have been with a 100% company that provided the brick and mortar building with me paying a nice desk fee every month and found that I really only went into the office to get my mail or once in awhile to meet with a client.  In the past couple of years my clients want to meet me at a Starbucks or the home that they have requested to see or the home they want to list and sometimes in my home office.  Even though I have been successful I have longed for more technology along with a better way to market myself and be a part of a larger real estate team.   I have been searching for that company and when I heard about Connect and its business model it clicked for me.  This will be our future and since I have already been actively working it - it is comfortable to me.  

Someone mentioned no training? No support services?  That is just not so.  Connect Realty is going to have the best online training available and virtual office meetings that you can decided when you can attend and webinars where you do get to talk and get answers to your questions.  You also have your team members for support and it runs deep.  I also have recruited other agents to work with me on a team for Kreick Realty.  With Connect Realty this makes more sense in the way you get paid.  When you have a deal or two that you are working to get closed you are really paying attention to details to get them closed.  That might mean that your marketing for your next client wanes.  Then its possible to have a two month (sometimes longer) period between closings.  How nice would it be to have help by being somewhat sustained during that month or two that you received a residual income check to help you make it to the next closing?  In the past I have had to take on second jobs to make ends meet when the down times became long.  But I love real estate and helping others make their dreams come true that I will do whatever it takes (being professional and forward thinking) to stay in the business.  The technology alone with Connect Realty is going to make my life a lot easier with the transaction manager and with the marketing at a level that will be big.   They have not gone live yet so just wait and see.  I will embrace bringing together a team of agents that see the benefits and realize that we are no longer in competition with each other but rather working together to help each other succeed!  For my team at Connect, I have my associate broker's license and years of experience to offer.  I am now ready to mentor and train new agents with this new way of setting up shop.  I am truly excited about Connect Realty! 

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Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate
Hi Laura:  It sounds like you have put much thought into your decision to join Connect Realty.  I really have not heard of them, but it really sounds like you have done your research.  I wish you the best in your new real estate adventure.  Take care...
Mar 01, 2008 04:38 PM
Brian Kreick
Willinger Real Estate - Wenatchee, WA
Excellent post!  You make a compelling case for Connect Realty!  I like the residual income that Connect offers that will help through the slow times we are currently experiencing.
Mar 02, 2008 01:07 AM