Where is Today's housing Market.

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When we read the paper these days or listen to the evening news, it seems there is an article that speaks of today's housing market.  Most of the time it seems to paint a dismal picture.  It seems to paint a picture to buyers that the price of homes are going down down down.  Buyers need to be educated by real estate agents as to what those down ward price's reflect.   Sellers that seen their neighbors home sell last year at an inflated price now have lowered the price to more realistic price.  When people bought homes last year farther out because of the lower price they have now started looking  to move back.  Fuel prices, time spent on the road, and lack of some of the amenities that the larger city has to offer are luring them back.  The median home price here rose a healthy 9.7% from 2005 to 2006.  With the number of new housing permits falling off and interest rates holding, I think we could see the resale market here holding steady if not move upward.  If we don't educate the buy they may miss out. 

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