Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City

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Now that some time has passed since Bossier City dumped a bunch of money into the Louisiana Boardwalk, we can all look back on the planning and should give great credits to the planners and approval board of this awesome project.  For those of you that do not know, Shreveport and Bossier City has some very large and beautiful casinos.  When the casinos came to town, many food establishments went out of business and the entire entertainment industry suffered great lose.  For years, all entertainment took place within the walls of these beautiful casinos.  A few years ago Shreveport tried to establish a downtown entertainment district and compete with the casinos, with no success.  The city lost millions and private businesses that took the risk with the city went bankrupt.  The project failed in the worst way.  A year or two passed and just across the Red River, blocks away where Shreveport tried to establish an entertainment district, Bossier City built what I would call an outdoor mall.  This Boardwalk is filled with neat shops, lots of franchise shops and some great food establishments.  Early on the Boardwalk suffered, however, today the Louisiana Boardwalk is a very popular destination for movies, shopping, food and fun!  Congratulations to the city officials and citizens of Bossier City for staying out of judgement of what happened in Shreveport and pushing forward with the fresh new idea of a boardwalk in North Louisiana.

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