The Taboo of New?

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What is keeping you and other Real Estate Agents from showing new construction?

I've worked as an on-site sales counselor for a builder for the majority of my real estate career, but have been in general brokerage as well. It has not been easy to partner with local realtors to generate traffic and create new leads - and I'd like to get to the bottom of the "taboo of new" with your help.

In January, our county's pre-existing sales were 86% of all the home sales for that month. As we watch the new housing starts numbers drop, I'm scratching my head wondering why I'm not getting the opportunity to show what I have to offer.

What are some of the reasons you do not take your clients to see new construction? Is it commission? Lack of knowledge about new communities? Not wanting a pushy salesman breathing down your client's neck? Lack of "established feel"? Not wanting to wait for the construction process (getting paid 4 months from now)? Do you even consider new construction when performing your initial search, or is it straight to the MLS?

Respond back - let me know your thoughts, and thanks for your help!


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