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 I find myself constantly swerving off track on my path to SEO-dom!  Boy, are there so many things to do.  I have a website.  I thought I was pretty internet savvy.  Then I started searching and researching and realized that it can be overwhelming.

BUT, I have no fears and I have no worries.  Why, you ask?  Because I live in Williamsburg, VA...only the best city on the planet.  Why just today, I took a drive on the Colonial Parkway.  It is just about the most beautiful drive.  The leaves have never completely fallen off the trees so there's still a lot of foliage.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere even though spring hasn't sprung yet.  We've been having weird weather here in Williamsburg VA.  One day it's warm; the next day it's freezing.  The poor grass and flowers don't know whether to peak or retreat!  Nonetheless, a beautiful day!

I know that in time I WILL conquer this SEO thing.  O.K. yes I want to maximize my business, but it is oh so much more than that.  See, I am only speaking the truth when I speak about Williamsburg, VA.  I am telling everyone why they should have a piece of Williamsburg, VA real estate and why it is so great here.  I can safely say that Williamsburg, VA have the most awesome public education.  No, I am not biased, you can check for yourself at this website:  http://www.greatschools.net.  If I can reach the top of this mountain, that means I will have brought many with me!  That means, everyone will know about Williamsburg, VA and everyone will know about you. 

Does this sound crazy?  Well, like I've said before, I am getting use to this, it is definitely outside of my box.  I don't want to venture too far away from my little box of Williamsburg, VA...it has become a wonderful home.  It is a place that I would like to share with everyone!  I want to bring people home to Williamsburg, VA!

 If you have any suggestions on how we can get out there to the people and be number 1, bring it on!!  This is a challenge that I welcome!!

 Thanks for your support and as they say...See you in the RAIN!!

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Thomas "Tommy" Morgan
Latter & Blum Hometown Realty ERA Powered Licensed in MS. - McComb, MS
Latter & Blum Hometown Realty ERA Powered
Good post, Yvette.  Loving where you are and what you do is half the battle! You should be a great real estate salesperson because you are 100% sold on the community yourself!
Mar 02, 2008 12:22 PM
Deb Brooks
Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas - Wichita Falls, TX

Yvette, You can be! And with some "think" you will be. All I did was to examine all the top sites and give them what they wanted. You can do this too! You will not only become use to it you will love it. If you need any extra "I've already been there" advice...let me know.

I wish you the best of luck and I'll see you in the rain~Deb

Mar 04, 2008 01:33 PM