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What's better, a lead generating platform that gives your sales associates leads, or a team of salespeople that generates their own leads? Give up? They are both equally important if you want to stay alive in today's brokerage business.

Today, more then ever, we have come to rely on the internet and all the available lead generating platforms out there to supply our associates with leads that they convert into customers and clients. Without a lead generating platform, we, as brokerage operators and managers, are giving our associates less and less availability to internet based prospects. However, not all internet leads convert to clients and do business with us, or for that fact, anybody at all. And the conversion/sales cycle of the internet buyer tends to be much longer then an associate generated lead.  And, the leads that do come in must go through a "screening " process and then "washed" through our agent's abilities of qualifying them. After that, we must trust our agent's skills to convert those leads into customers and clients.

On the other hand, the leads that are generated by our sales associates themselves tend to be timelier in their decision making process and tend to stay with the agent through out the transaction. These leads tend to be more urgent in their time frame, are qualified faster, either knows of or heard of our agents, and our agents tend to have a better rate of success converting the leads to sales.

Since lead generation from the internet ads to the foundation of an agent's own customer pool, and since more and more prospects choose the internet to start the process of buying or selling, then it only makes sense for us to utilize the resources of the internet in conjunction with our agent's abilities to generate leads so that the lead pipeline does not "run dry".

Blue Realty GMAC offers a lead generating platform to all our associates. However, not all associates qualify to use or care to use the system. In order to be considered, an agent must be trained on the system, show mastery of the system and finally convert leads from the system. Some agents do not want to use the system. Others, through past use, have shown that they are not adept at using the system. Yet we have a lead generating platform for all our agents to use should they desire to.


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