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Hello all,

New to "the Rain" as I see it is sometimes called.  I recently recieved my e-Pro and the only blog that I have participated in up to this point is Realtown.  This seems to be a lot easier and stimulating thus far, plus you get to see some results.  I do not know yet how valuable those "points" are but I like racking them up.  It was just yesterday morning on the way to church that my 8 year old was telling me about the "money" he was making on webkinz to buy his panda a TV and I made the comment that I wish I could make money by playing games.  Well...It isn't money but it does feel rewarding. 

I picked this group because I can use all the help I can get with online marketing (especially on a limited budget) and the word "wisdom" really caught my attention (I'm searching for that as well). 

Well, here goes.  I am launching into the Brave New World...

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David W. Bolick
Network Real Estate, Inc. - Little Rock, AR

  Welcome to "the Rain" as I guess it goes.  I'm also new and have had a hard time finding a real estate blog that seems worthy of being in.  Actually I was doing a google search on Real Estate Agent Complaints and couldn't believe I could not find any kind of master complaint website broken down by state and city. In my market, we're always coming across agents that we all say "how in the world does this person keep a real estate license" and the reason is because their only investigated by "formal complaints" and agents don't like complaining about agents, but someone needs to weed out these people giving the rest of us a bad reputation.

  Anyway, so much for my tangent there.  I look forward to learning something in here or sharing some knowledge I've gained over the last 33 years.

Mar 03, 2008 08:50 AM
Diana Foster
BKG brokerage - Braselton, GA
Realtor- Helping you find the perfect home!!
Welcome, I'm still new myself but haved loved all the great advice and tips out there in "the rain"
Mar 03, 2008 10:04 AM