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While speaking with friends and business partners the other day I asked a question of HOW do agents keep lead generating.  You know, how does the real estate agent push through all the distractions of real estate and do the one thing that "makes it rain", lead generate?  My good friend Jonathan Newton told me that in his opinion that accountability was the magic pill.  Another friend of mine, Chris Hayes told me that he was going to start getting new agents to watch him while he lead generates which in his words will have him showing off for them, but sounding so much more professional on the phone.  Wow, what amazing ideas these two great guys shared with me.  So I asked Jonathan Newton to explain the whole "accountability" deal to me.  Check this out...

Commit to X amount of time or people that you will contact daily.  Once you have committed to it, write a check for say $50 to another agent in the office conditional on you not meeting your daily goal.  So, if you do not lead generate for X amount of time every day this week, the agent can cash the check!  Now that is real accountability.  If money is not your gig...just have another agent ask you daily if you hit your goal!  Thanks Jonathan Newton for that advice.

Now we all know how hard it is to daily do the one thing that brings us clients...lead generate...and our awesome company Keller Williams Realty suggest we lead generate 3 hours a day, so now the ball is in your court.  Are you going to go grab that new agent and show off like Chris Hayes suggests or set up a high level of accountability like Jonathan Newton suggest?

What ever you do, just do it.

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Teodolfo - Web 2.0 Expert, SEO, Internet Marketer
Masterdigm - Laguna Beach, CA
Nice write-up and good advice. With accountability, you become more focused and committed to your goals.
Mar 03, 2008 06:19 PM