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Ain't it Great to Live in the Age of the Internet - A Wealth of Information is at your hands on a Keyboard - Build a Business make Friends - To Explore from the Truth to the Wild & Bizarre. Two sides to every story and then there's the Truth. Life is short - make everyday count for something good and lets make this place a Better more Friendly World for all to Enjoy! Make it a GREAT DAY ! Gary Schwaegerle California REALTOR Since 1980

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Gary Schwaegerle

July 4, 2008 In the current Real Estate Market downturn Here is what I believe may be the stop and turning point: Go back to when the Funny Money 1.5% 2.5% Loans came in 2000 -2001 OK so thats our Base Line Pricing and Safety Point to start Investing & buying Homes again. What's your Opinion? Thanks Gary Schwaegerle REALTOR Since 1980

Jul 04, 2008 07:40 PM