45 min Interview with isuccedd mentering call, it what i call my TO DO LIST!!!!!


i had a mentoring call from bill from isuccedd and i really went on about my 4 favorite subjects :

1...fsbo's ( known as for sale by secret) i went on about fsbo caravan's where you get 2 or more cars with your company's logo on side of cars and stop at the first fsbo you see on the way showing your offices listings to your agents stop and call on the owner bring a agent to the fsbo and (most important ask the right questions and look at body language and listen listen listen.never put down another agent who might of listed the home before you got there.also getting your agents in side is a feel call ,,,,,you might ask to see there home and while your agents trope through the home you as leader an the chosen agent get a feel good feeling with the owner.....

2....foreclosure caravan where you go to your bank and get a foreclosures list get te bank to pay for trolley and food and bring 30 or 40 people to see cheap homes i got Countrywide to pay for me and we are planned to go next week ,this week i will go to a restaurant car-park and put flyer's in windscreen ,go to the 5 local hotel car-park etc

3.....info centre (which is a going out of business builder model home) i took one over and i rent wall space to 10 small builders for $300 each and use surplus's for advertising it is a very good lead generating place we get 3-6 walk-ins a day it really works

4... and the most world changing thing i introduced to my office is realty generator every single agent who is on it after 90 days has at least $5000 in commissions and at least 3 pending yes you read it right it really really works in 90 days the agent will have had at least 120 leads with a lazy agent closing 1.5 deals and a really good one closing 3 deals in 3 months . i have a team of three agents who have 12  pending for march and so much on fire they are hiring a assistant .in our Port Charlotte market for 2007 our office was 7th in sold , the offices above us are 3 other mls's the other four have between 190 agents to 240 agents we have 60 ,we out perform them 3 to one in volume of sold......we do on average of 30 closings a month every month for the last 6 months our office is in the top 5 every month in all categorizes except agent count

email me on any of the above for better clarification all works just maybe needs some tweaking !!!!

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Thats amazing Wayne!  I am on the generator and I do well, what is it that you are doing to get such great numbers with it? 

Larry Hultberg

EXiT Realtor

Mar 03, 2008 02:51 PM