Election Day

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Okay, so its election day in my state and three others.  Lets look at what we know.  Two people want to make sure we all have health care.  Well one says the other wont cover everybody.  we have a couple of people who want to end the war in Iraq and one that wants to keep it going. Oh and there is one guy who wont get out of the race until there is absoutely no mathematical chance he can win.

Thats about all we know.  Okay, so there may be a few minor points that I left out.  How about if we actually have the candadites talk about the economy and propose solutions.  Talk about the credit crunch and propose solutions?

I guess hoping for answers before we vote is too much to ask.  We ase left to go through position papers and press releases as well as general talk of change and try and guess what each candadite is going to do.

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