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March Newsletter - Kristen Trussell Gilbert Real Estate News

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March has been a great month for Arizona real estate and now is the time to get ready to buy your next home!  Prices have come down to affordable pricing again and interest rates are back to  historical lows.  There are plenty of programs for buyers out there, ranging from zero down to FHA to VA to 30 Year Fixed Conventional.  There is something for everyone, you just need to ask.  There are programs that are not ARMs, interest only or negative amoritization that will work for you!  I try my very best to work with reputable lenders who offer programs that have integrity and will not leave you in wondering why did I sign those papers at closoing.

If you are interested in getting back into the buying market please let me know, now is the best time and you want to get in before we start heading back up in prices!

 Contact me Kristen Trussell at 602.625.4522!

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