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  If you have read my blog or know me personally, you will know that I am huge on education.  I always try to make sure my clients know more about real estate after they have done a transaction with me.  I want them to understand what is going on every step of the way.  Why?  The more they know, the better decisions they can make.  More importantly though, hopefully they will walk away with a bit of financial knowledge as well.  Now while all of this sounds good, not of it will happen if the client does not wish to be educated.  Sounds crazy right?  Who wouldn't want to further their education no matter what the subject was about.  Well, recently I have realized that people would rather believe what is told to them on the TV over what is being told to them by a Realtor that works in the field everyday.  Interesting.  Why ,in a market where things are constantly changing, would you just believe what you hear on the TV and not trust a professional who is in the industry?  Too many people, I believe, think that a Realtor is just trying to sell them something.  While some Realtors may do this sort of thing, I do not.  In my opinion, I am a resource, teacher and friend to my clients.  I am not here to make you buy or sell anything, the choice is always yours.  The more I educated my clients, the more I learn.  Why would anyone not want to do business this way?   Enjoy your day.




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