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Why Now is a Smart Time to Buy

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It’s more important than ever for buyers to know the facts when deciding upon a time to buy a home. With so much information from so many different sources, we at John L. Scott Real Estate have produced an objectively researched and written white paper to help home buyers assess the facts of the current real estate market. The Buy Smart white paper entitled “Why Now is a Smart Time to Buy” explains in simple-to-understand terms the past, present and likely future real estate markets, including the answers to such questions as: Are home values likely to fall? Are the subprime mortgage and foreclosure issues something to worry about? Will mortgage rates hold steady? With an increase in the number of houses for sale, how are home prices affected? Do national trends inevitably affect local real estate market conditions? Go to www.johnlscott.com and click on the Buy Smart Icon to read the full report. Candace Scheiter, Associate Broker www.johnlscott.com/candaces