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Want excitement or just relaxation?  Come experience both by boating on beautiful Lake Arrowhead.  Whether you are a champion water skier or cursing into North Bay for a cocktail party, Lake Arrowhead is the place to be!  The lake offers recreational activities including fishing, skiing, wake boarding, cruising, or swimming.  Owning a home in Arrowhead Woods is the gateway to enjoying the fun of the lake.

It should be pointed out that only boating activities are permitted, jet skis are not allowed.  Kayaking and sail boarding are allowed inside the "No-Wake" buoys

There are a number of ways to enjoy the lake.  Join the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club if sailing and socializing is your thing, or become a member of the Lake Arrowhead Water-Ski and/or the wakeboard club if high speed ski or boarding turns you on.  Cruising, swimming and picnicking on your own boat are delightful and lead to wonderful memories.  If you need more information regarding any of these activities please contact me.

If you don't own a boat or want to make a change, Hardin Marine Lake Arrowhead offers a wide selection of boats to choose from.  Their sales staff have the expertise to help you select the right boat to suit your planned usage and particularly, if you plan to use it on Lake Arrowhead.  On your next visit to Lake Arrowhead stop by the marina look at boats and have lunch at Nanas.  Great hamburgers.  Great view.  You'll get a feel for the excitement of boating on Lake Arrowhead.

Frequently asked questions are:  Can every one use the lake?  Is there a boat rental company?  Is there public access to the lake?  How do I get my boat on the lake and can I buy a slip?   Great questions lets take them one at a time.

Who can use the lake?  All property owners in Arrowhead Woods have the right to use the lake.  Arrowhead Woods is an area defined by Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) and roughly includes the areas to the north of the lake, the west side of Hwy 173 on the east end of the lake, the west end of the lake to Twin Peaks and the south side of the lake up to a line drawn east and west through the Ice Castle training center.

May I leave my boat in overnight?  The answer is yes if your property has a structure on it that has had a Final Inspection by the county building department.  Otherwise, you must launch your boat daily and remove it each night or put it in Summer Storage (Stackable Building). 

This answers another question: may I own a slip or dock on the lake?  If you own property in Arrowhead Woods then you may own a dock.  The dock is considered personal property and is associated or linked to your property in Arrowhead Woods.  When you buy a dock, escrow or ALA transfers the dock from the property it is associated with and moves it to your property.  For a more detailed explanation of the legal ramifications of owning a dock in Arrowhead Woods please contact ALA, at the marina.

Is there a rental company on the lake?  The answer is no.  Several years back there were rental boats available, but renting ceased after the lake went private.

How do I get my boat on the lake?  There is a launch ramp at the marina controlled by ALA.  To put a boat on the lake and operate it, it is necessary to register the boat with ALA and receive a current decal and have a valid Lake Arrowhead operator's license.  ALA can provide you with information regarding current fees for operating a boat on the lake.  As far as the operator permit, ALA administers an open book test on rules of the lake and current boating laws.  After you and any others who will be operating the boat have passed the test and been issued a permit then you are ready to launch and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of boating on Lake Arrowhead.  You can dock at the Village in the public slips for lunch and shopping and then cruise to North Bay for a little relaxation, drop your anchor and your ready for swimming and party time    Then head to the marina to get gas and see some of the spectacular homes around the lake.

Boating on Lake Arrowhead is a family experience.  Come on up and have fun on the lake; partake of the serenity of the area, and enjoy the benefits of owning property in Lake Arrowhead.

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Very good Bob... keep it coming.  You write very well.

Maybe you should consider a blog post on Hardin Marine... The best Boat dealer around.


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