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What is the best workout to increase and maintain energy.

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Interval training is one the best workout to increase and maintain energy. I have tried the regular workouts and so far interval training is more challenging and demanding.

Interval training are short, hard workouts used to increase metabolism and to surprise the muscles. This means you are less likely to store excess calories as body fat because they are more likely to be used by your elevated metabolism. Plus, you are more likely to burn off excess body fat. Interval workout that can be done with just about any activity (walking, bicycling, swimming, stair climbing, etc.). When done correctly you will see fast results.

Warm up at easy pace 2-5 minutes and then perform 30-60 seconds of hard work (hard as possible), then perform 1 minute of moderate work ( time to catch breath), then repeat this process 6-10 times or as much as you can, then cool down at an easy pace for 2-5 minutes.

Many people are too hung up on staying on the treadmill,or elliptical for a lengthy period. Do you want extra?

Well with interval training you can burn more fat while spending less time in the gym.

You can incorporate different weight lifting exercises or change around your aerobic activities. If you have always used weight machines, then switch to free weights. Interval training can help you during the transition period between one exercise program and another. It's actually fun, and the time flies by, because you're working in cycles of high and low intensity work.

Activities to use for interval training?

 There are endless activities, but the most practical are probably walking, running, other cardiovascular machines like, elliptical trainers, stair steppers and stationary bikes, aerobic exercise, water exercise and things like that. You could even incorporate it into jumping rope or a sport like racquetball.

Set your own rules and using your body's cues.

Finally interval training or HIT (high intensity training) is not new. The military have been using it for decades. The name has changed a few times, but it's the same concept.

Enjoy your next work out.



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Anthony - Welcome to Active Rain!  I'm afraid I'm lucky to get to the gym at all these days, but your ideas here make sense.  I'll have to try it.
Apr 16, 2008 06:23 AM
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Hi Anthony, I am fortunate to have a personal trainer who believes in your way of training. It is an intense work out and it is never boring.

Aug 24, 2008 02:28 AM
Michael J. Perry
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Aug 05, 2014 10:44 AM