"always be closing" is what your mantra should be !!!!!!!!!!


when you meet people or go for a listing appointment, if you sing the praises of "always be closing "  in the back of your head and have a little cockiness in your gait it helps. the proplem with most agents its like dating a girl who says " hell no!!! i dont want to out with you "a self confident guy moves on and trolls again in the murky dating world nocig w in real estate agents get the big no!!!! the agent falls apart , smoke a  cigerette down 3 cups of coffee and gives up till the next day !!

this is the big mistake a "always be closing agent"  would shrug it off and go look for easy prey which is either fsbo's or expired listings .there is nothing wrong with a ego agent cocky get it done agents are a magnet for newby agents when i first got my licence i loved getting close to a top produce and i could always here them wispering always be closing!!!!!

have a talk with a top office lister ask can you do a open house for her ! you would be surprized at most top listers and the better ones always make sure the crumbs fall from the table on to the mice !!!!

try the above mantra i works!!!

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