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Start Your Engines, Mobile One 12 Hrs of Sebring 2008!

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Our small town of Sebring, Florida is all the buzz in the World Famous Lemans Racing, we host the 12 hours of Sebring, this event kind of puts us on the map so to speak. It is like our Marti Gras and NASCAR all rolled into one. Over 100,000 people travel from all over the world watch this main event, it is a 3+ mile track made for endurance racing. Audi has won the past 4 years or more and have really ruled this event. Last year at the very end was one of the most exciting finish line dramas I have ever witnessed.

 At the same time as the formula one cars are racing on the same track so are 2 other types. One being Porsche, and last year at the end a Porsche "rubbed" the other within 1/2 mile of crossing the line to be the winner. Now I am from the south so "rubbing" is a NASCAR term and the practice is totally acceptable, it is not so in formula one. I found that out last year, but it made for an exciting ending. Sebring races have been long traditions in many families, coming and camping out, some make it like their Spring Break. We have events all week long. Last week we had the classic vintage cars racing. Actually last Thursday the Sebring Chamber Of Commerce hosted an event on the Historic Sebring Circle, and all of the cars came to the downtown circle (from the track) and we had all you could eat beer & brats for $10. Great time was had by a lot of people.

Now the main event takes center stage. The engines are running all week long. Our little community does benefit from this event, of course it brings in tons of tourist & that of course economically helps our local economy. The hotels are booked for the next two weeks and some folks book them for at least one year if not more prior to the event. People are renting out their homes to accommodate drivers, their staff & race fans!

The race track has a main midway where many set up their tents for futuristic car displays, Hawiian Tropic host a beauty event & volleyball game. It totally becomes an event not to be missed! The excitement runs through the community like a fever. Everyone talking about where they are going to set up camp to watch the race and the fans! Most times you do not know a race is going on, there are tons of people walking and riding around visiting one another like a huge party is happening all around. I like watching from my living room so that way I can really watch the race and float in my pool. (in March wow, don't you want to move to Florida???)

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