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Curb Appeal




Every year Remodeling Magazine & Realtor Magazine release their Cost vs Value home for the prior year. This is their 20th year of doing this annual home remodeling report. If you are thinking of selling your Cecil County, MD or Harford County, MD home in the near future you should concentrate on exterior upgrades. That is what the results from this survey conclude. By doing exterior home improvements you are also improving your curb appeal. Many buyers will decide if they want to see the inside of your home or not by the way the outside looks. This report was broken down in a variety of ways such as national, regions, mid-range projects and upscale projects. I am posting the results for mid-range projects in the South Atlantic Region which comprises Baltimore MD, Wilmington DE, Atlanta GA, Columbia SC, Jacksonville FL, Miami FL, Norfolk VA, Orlando FL, Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, Tampa FL and Washington DC. If you are interested in viewing other reports you can view them at cost vs value.


Top Home Improvements





         Job Cost              Resale Value          Cost Recouped

1. Deck Addition (wood)                  $9,266                     $7,936                    85.6%

2. Siding Replacement (vinyl)           $8,990                     $7,651                    85.1%

3. Minor Kitchen Remodel               $20,221                   $16,727                    82.7%

4. Basement Remodel                    $53,519                   $43,279                    80.9%

5. Window Replacement (wood)      $10,242                    $8,226                    80.3%

6. Window Replacement (vinyl)         $9,391                     $7,530                    80.2%

7. Major Kitchen Remodel               $52,659                   $41,766                    79.3%

8. Bathroom Remodel                    $14,445                   $11,388                    78.8%

9. Attic Bedroom Remodel              $41,401                   $32,635                    78.8%

10. Two Story Addition                  $127,072                   $99,464                    78.3%


Home Office



Worst Home Improvements




Job Cost              Resale Value          Cost Recouped

1. Home Office Remodel            $25,438                 $15,209                   59.8%

2. Sunroom Addition                  $65,434                $42,025                    64.2%

3. Back Up Power Generator      $12,061                  $8,097                    67.1%

4. Bathroom Addition                 $33,236                $22,670                    68.2%

5. Family Room Addition             $70,867                $51,004                    72%


I must say that I am surprised a home office scored so low. A home office would be a necessity for me.



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Top remodeling projects for your Cecil County, MD or Harford County, MD home
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