Top 5 Reasons You Can NOT Sell Your New Orleans Real Estate

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Why Can’t You Sell Your New Orleans Real Estate?

This is a very difficult real estate market that we are currently facing. We all know that, but what are some of the specific reasons why your property in New Orleans is not selling? Your home is probably not selling for a number of reasons, but I am going to focus on my Top 5 in this blog post. Stay tuned for future New Orleans Real Estate lists.

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1. Price - I really could have put price as the answer to all of the spaces in the Top 5. Price is by far the most important reason as to why you cannot sell your New Orleans real estate. There is so much competition out there that if you price your property incorrectly you will rarely sell your home in a short period of time. Because people can choose from such a wide selection of houses they are less likely to put in a low-ball offer. The old-school real estate negotiation tactics are simply not used anymore. This means that you must get the price right from the start and not give it the “ole college try” for a few weeks to see if you can get top dollar.

2. Ineffective Marketing - Choosing your real estate agent is very important these days. It is a must that you select an agent that will create the very best marketing plan for your property. If they do not, you run the risk of not standing out. Your property has to stand out or it will get lost in the mix of the thousands of other properties in New Orleans for sale. I would suggest asking your real estate agent how they intend to use the Internet to market your property. If there answer is “Uhhhhhh,” you know that they are not prepared to compete in today’s real estate market!


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