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Should you offer buyer incentives to sell your New Orleans Real Estate?

While reviewing the latest market trends for our fair city of New Orleans, I noticed all of the incentives that sellers have begun to offer to buyers. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Offer a great incentive to buyers and they will be more likely to come and view your property and then ultimately buy it.

Listings in the New Orleans MLS shows many different types of incentives right now: Seller to pay buyer closing costs, first year’s insurance, some amount of condo fees, get a free plasma t.v., extra commissions to the buyer’s agent, etc. They all sound great but do they really work?

I believe that incentives aren’t that effective. In my opinion, the best way to sell your Real Estate in New Orleans is to price it correctly from the start. Try to be as aggressive as possible and that way you may be able to avoid having to offer incentives because you property will actually sell! Take a look at an article in Realtor magazine that pretty much agrees with me. Offering incentives after you get a contract to keep the deal alive is a different story. I fully agree with those incentives! If you have a buyer in this market you should hold on to them!

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