Real Estate Broker/Owner with BLACK BEAR REALTY

Now is the time to jump in your car, bring the family and come to our beautiful mountains. The flowers are just starting to come out and the birds are singing up a storm. The recent rains have really started to fill up our lakes and the fishing should start to get better everyday. Not to mention the golf courses how they are greening up and the greens are holding those long iron shots.

Weather has been in the high 50's to low 60's so it is perfect sweater weather. Makes for those early morning walks as the sun breaks over the mountains something to behold. Plus, you just have to come up and taste some of our fine country cookin' that are people prepare.

So what are you waiting for? Gas up the car and come visit us and if you get the chance, and you see any of those "BLACK BEAR AGENTS''  be sure and feed them. They'll be waiting!

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