Limited service brokerage warning!!!!

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

Beware of companies that promise to sell your home for a minimum flat fee.

Several points of ponder:

Are they listing it in the local Multiple Listing Service, where over 50 agents with 5+ buyers looking will find out about your house?  If so a commission will be needed for the cooperating broker.

Are they giving you enough exposure in the market place.  Do buyers from across the country know how to find out about it?

Do they have a way to return phone calls promptly, answer e-mail and internet inquiries about your house?

Do they know about the neighborhood, schools, shopping, all questions that most buyer's want counciling in?

Are they prepared to negotiate on your behalf or will you be doing that yourself?  Many limited service broker's have not been taught effective negotiating skills?

Will they be coordinating the showings or will they require you to be available for then?

Are they current on Mortgage rates and programs?  or will they rely on you to council the buyer on this?

Are they going to monitor the buyer's loan process after the offer is accepted?

Will they schedule any inspections required by the lender and guide you through the closing process.  ie. contact attornies, title companies, send closing documents, etc?

Will they be honest with you at all times?

If you don't know how to answer just one of these questions about the limited service agent you're thinking about then please talk to a full service agent, first. 

We have a 10+ Customer Service agreement that we take the time to educate all our seller's on before going to work for them.

You will know the answer's to each one of these questions when you work with the Littlefield Team at  Keller Williams Realty!!!



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