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I'm thinking of hanging my license and going to PRE K

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Well I just registered my kid for Pre K and I gotta tell you, I had so many emotions walking through the school with him. On one hand, he's a big boy now, it was just yesterday though I was holding him, looking down at him thinking to myself WOW I have a baby, but now he's gonna be going to school and learn, and he'll finally be around KIDS not adults for a change, BUT on the other hand, I picture him at school ALONE, learning to adapt and meet new people, and not having the same amount of attention he would be getting at home. I want the very best for him as any parent would and thought HEY, I know how I can get around this, hang my license, I can just be with him everyday in class but then thought about how crazy that sounds, NOT to mention he would be "home bound" the following year because Dad couldn't get over him going in school.

I wonder if this is normal thinking of a parent when they register there first kid or if this is just me being a parent overly cautious. "George Carlin comes to mind on the subject of parents/children."  That being said, I am hoping it will get better. He hasn't even gone to school yet and I am already thinking like this and my stomach feels sick. BTW, the kicker was today his Mom was dressing him, and he said Mommy, when I go to school today, I want to look like daddy, so when he came downstairs he had on dress paints,dress shirt and a tie. The only thing missing was a Keller Williams name tag. Anyway it was an emotional day, and if you care to share your first experince and results please do. Sincerely,  An emotional wreck

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It doesn't get any easier when their 12 or 15. Good Luck!
Mar 05, 2008 09:36 AM
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I'm not a parent myself, but in reading your blog, I am reminded of the infamous "Dude Crush" scenes in Finding Nemo... If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Mar 05, 2008 09:46 AM