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Memories, Great Memories, and,,,

the Times When You Need Your Memories to Protect You!

I was out Showing Properties, the properties that Home Builders are selling today,


Please, Take a moment to notice all the particulars about the property while you are viewing the New Home Builder's properties. Do they have the Upgrades? Do they Compare to the homes you have viewed that were built 2 years ago? Do they advertise that Window Treatments are included, or do you find Window Treatements in the new homes?

Do you have to add more money to get the Home you are really looking for?

Don't be tricked by the low price!

Compare Value with Price!

It looks like the New Home Builder's are using that old "Loss Leader", the old "Great End of Winter", the old "Lover's Buy Your Valentine", and the old "Bait and Switch" Tricks,

and all the other Old Tricks!

They have Smaller Properties with More Luxurious Stagings to Seduce You, like most all Sales Men and Women would do! Nothing wrong with Puffing! But be sure to compare Square Footage with Square Footage if they are including all the Upgrades!

I am not Speaking of the New Home Builders that reveal all that is important! Please Buy New Homes from Them!

I would like to take the time to say why they are doing this, but it is obvious.

I do not blame them. They need to sell their goods! And then they add the Old,,, "Add the Extra's, New Car Buying Trick"!

We all do the Balloon thing. Let's Celebrate! Paint the Pretty Picture!

Darn! I can't think of that movie, where, my favorite Actor, What's His Name, says "Volvos are Boxy!" and he was well recieved! I am hoping that I will be received in this way!

I am speaking like that Character!

Who is that Character? Please respond if you know!


Anybody here from Out-Of-State? Out-Of-Country? 

Ask your Realtor or New Home Builder's Representitive to explain the Taxes, the New Tax Structure, Why an Investor would want to buy, or not buy, and the Insurance Costs when buying here in Florida!

There are a lot of New Home Builder Reps that won't explaine this Freely (Why would they? They may know if you ask them, But are you prepared to ask them? Why would you ask them????? You Don't Know What You Don't Know!)

Pay attention to your Realtor/New Home Sales Rep to see if they offer you The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

I scared the daylights out of a recent Client.

Here in Florida, there are Great Tax Expenses, Great Insurance Expenses, and Great Home Owner's Association/Condo Association Fees!

There are techniques to get around the Tax Expense. And, there are a lot of smaller Insurance Companies that are respecting the Florida Legislature.

I am one to be trusted. I, too, like Memories! But I only want Fond Memories! And, I want those Fond Memories to come back and Haunt Me! 

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(Dustin Hoffman in case you have a need to remember!)



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Steven Wood
Advanced Realty Services, Inc - Jupiter, FL


note the quality of the new homes that you are about to buy!

I saw a NEW HOME that had Lamimate Counters and Bare Light Bulbs in the Kitchen!

Stripped homes! No Character! No Lots! Appartment living in Single Family Homes!

But, they are Low Cost! If cost is a factor, by all means!

If Craftsmanship is important, look for homes built before the Real Estate Market Correctin! (Say early 2007 and earlier!)

The Homes Built 2 Years ago have Character! They have the special attention. The Craftsmanship of what a home is all about!

Apr 01, 2008 04:06 PM