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Exciting News for Parker, Colorado


  • COSTCO - Finally!!!

Costco is coming to Parker, CO. This is great news for locals residents like me! No longer do you travel across town 15-30 minutes to shop at the infamous Costco! You may have noticed some changes happening to the Cottonwood & Parker Road intersection. I am certain we are going to see a face lift on the old Cotonwood shopping center as well. The location of the commercial building will be north of the C-470 ramp.

The hospital is planning to expand a new wing, a new floor and a new 4-story parking garage! Wow- great news! Two 60,000 square foot medical buildings will go in with a connecting sky bridge already fully leased.

  • West Creek Development is moving forward!


  • The OLD Target will become 5 smaller businesses- one being Circuit City! A little competition for the Best Buy on Twenty Mile Road!


  • Albertsons is becoming a Sprouts- nature grocery store big on the west coast! Wish it was a Whole Foods- but what do ya do! Again some healthy competition for Vitamin Cottage on Parker Road!


  • A new police station will most likely be going in south of Lowe's on Dransfeldt! Warehouse space will also be available in that area! Looks like there is public storage already in construction behind the AutoZone.


  • An ice rink (how fun!), skate park and a 4-6 outdoor tennis court will be going in by the Feild House. Swimming facilities will be doubled at some point.


  • The new High School should open for fall of this year and the middle school construction will begin this year!


  • A tear out of downtown Mainstreet is scheduled in order to implement a draining system as well as wider side walks.


  • The Overlook at Cherry Creek (all inclusive retirement area) is on hold waiting for a developer.



  • An outdoor stadium is pending and probable to accommodate 5 HIGH SCHOOLS! Do we love our kids or WHAT?


  • Another High School and an elementary school are scheduled to be built at Hess and Jordon Road!


  • A stretch of Chambers is waiting to be developed that will connect Chambers to Hess Road!


  • The limited recreation reservoir that has been approved will be expanded!


  • Mainstreet connection to I-25 is most likely about 10 years out but hopefully the Hess connection will be made much sooner! Sell your house and sell it within the next five years at least (If you live on Mainstreet)!


  • The Hess bridge (extending it to Parker) should begin this year 2008!


  • A park and ride with a large parking facility is possible for Light Rail access- WOW!

Is Parker becoming the next Highlands Ranch? Well we will just have to see what happens here over the next few years!

For additional information please call Steve Greer with the Town of Parker @ 3603.805.3339 or visit them on their website @ www.parkeronline.org - you can also email Steve @ town@parkeronline.org

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Solomon

Douglas County Real Estate

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