Inspection pricing for Windstorm Mitigation, 4-Point and Pre Purchase

Home Inspector with Windsafe Inspections

  Windsafe Inspections Specializes in Wind Mitigation Certification Inspections, 4-Point Inspections and Full Service Home Inspections.  Below is our current Price list, as you'll see we always include the 4 Point and Windstorm inspections along with our full Pre-Purchase Inspections. 

We GUARANTEE Insurance Discounts on all Windstorm Inspections, if you don't save at least the cost of the inspection we will refund you the difference.


Windstorm Mitigation Inspections           $139.00

4-Point Inspections                                     $149.00

Windstorm/4-Point Package                    $250.00

Full Home Inspection                                  $399.00

(Includes pre-purchase, windstorm & 4-point if needed per agent's request, pricing is based on homes up to 3000sf, add additional $0.10 per sf for larger homes.)



 GREG ROOVER                                BRIAN WASSERMAN



We guarantee that your clients will save at least the cost of the inspection or we will refund the difference."

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