Home Inspections and Home Repairs - My Wish List and To Do List

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  Ok, now that I vented on the Good, the Bad , and the Ugly of Home Repairs here is my Wish List for how I would like things to be one day:

  • I wish that Home Inspectors would adjust the size of the pictures they are taking in accordance to the severity of the problem they have found.  For example loose electrical wall plate - little picture, damaged sub flooring big picture. All the images are digital, it can't be that hard! And for those who say, "Who's to decide what is a minor or big problem", I say that I wish some standard would be created to make it simple to figure out.     
  • I wish that all listing agents would always have at least two or three horror stories they can tell sellers about deals going south because of nightmare home inspection reports. Even if they do not get an inspection, fix anything or catch up on deferred maintenance they will at least be psychologically prepared for what may come at them down the line.
  • I wish that Home Inspection companies or someone without a conflict of interest would offer a fee for service to give estimates for how much the recommended repairs cited in the inspection summary will cost. There should be a quick turnaround on this service and just giving a price range where the repairs will likely fall will at least gives buyers and sellers a starting place for the upcoming negotiations that will take place. It can't be that hard to put things in a price range. I am sure the attorneys can figure out language for liability purposes.

I'll probably come up with more wishes as the days go by, but for now this is My To Do List:

  • I am going to get a sample home inspection talked about by T. Baker  and go over it with buyers before they see their report. Or, with permission I am going to get an actual report with identifying information deleted so I can show the buyers real life examples of what they will be getting. It will at least give us a jumping off point for repair discussions.
  • I am also going to contact some of the Home Repair Companies in the area to see if they would be interested in giving estimates for repairs. These are companies that hire a variety of skilled trade people and chose those that best fit the repairs at hand. They will come out, look over repairs and give you a written estimate. Now the trick here might be getting someone to actually use their service after getting an estimate, but I think odds are good that they will get some work from doing an estimate. I'll give it a try and let you know how it went.

You know I am feeling a little better now getting all this off my chest and actually got a couple of ideas to make things work smoother.  So blogging can actually be a valuable tool to use when you have a problem, who would have known!         

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Bill Westel
Eco-Steward Realty - Asheville, NC

Hi Terry:

I don't think it would hurt to have an appraiser look at the home inspection report, but I think most would defer to estimate costs since that is not what they are licensed to do. The lenders would not care, but some sellers might.  

Feb 02, 2007 01:31 PM
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I like your idea about the SIZE of the photo being representative of the SIZE of the problem area!  Huge photos of the tiniest imperfections can really create havoc. I am going to speak with all the home inspectors to whom we refer our clients to see what they can suggest! Thanks for the great idea.
Feb 04, 2007 10:46 AM