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Hi - This is kind of unusual post, but what the heck...

My company website, www.DreamRealty.com has only been active in its current incarnation for a few months. Still, it is enjoying high levels of traffic.  It had 18,000 visitors last week.  It is currently ranked 45,121 of ALL U.S. websites according to http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/dreamrealty.com  (US ranking near bottom of that page).

Google already has us at #8 for Tampa Real Estate - which is the first new market I just started focusing on.  Our other site www.ClearwaterDreaming.com is already #1 (sometimes #2) for Clearwater Real Estate on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

This is NO BRAG, JUST FACT.  The purpose of the post is not to brag.    My staff and I are very good at web development and search engine technology.   We have a solid plan to get to the top of the various markets in Florida.   (and beyond)

Currently, we have the MLS with addresses for the Tampa/Orlando areas.    Here is a sample MLS page,  http://www.dreamrealty.com/mls_info.php?lid=T2147963 .  Note on the right side of the page is me (for now).

The website is programmed to show whomever I wish.  What I'd like to do is - find a brokerage that has a number of agents so I'm not the only one shown.   It is a ton of work dealing with the calls and emails when I'm the only member of Dream Realty.  I do have agents that I refer to, but I am looking at this on a much bigger scale now.

I have the website and the technology.  I'd like to JV with a brokerage that either a:already has many Florida agents, or b:would like to help me create an Exit Realty type model (first in Florida - then the rest of U.S - world) or c:already has many agents from another state and wants to expand into Florida.

Although I am a Florida broker, I have  been a software consultant for 25 years.  I also have huge ideas and big dreams.  Actually,  my overall plan will probably floor you with it's simplicity and ambition.  It is totally mapped out!

So, this is all doable with today's internet technology and it doesn't take a ton of money if you are clever enough.

Hey, it's all a fun game, so we may as well shoot for the moon.

If you have gotten this far, I thank you for your indulgence.

My contact info:

Sheldon Goldberg  - 727-512-6030





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