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Education & Training with Candidate for an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

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WELCOME, to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, the 1st Incorporated City of North America!


As of August 31st, 2010, I've taken a "Leave of Absence" from Royal LePage Atlantic till July 1st, 2015 to pursue my previous love of teaching & principalship for the last four years.  


I've been a principal in Changchun, Jilin province, China the last 2 years, with a great group of students in Grades 10, 11 & 12 and with superb certified BC both American & Canadian teachers.  Advanced within Kezhi Education Consulting Company (formerly known as CNEC "Canadian National Education Company" and is currently working as a 2nd year Principal for the Sino-Canadian program @ Changchun Shiyi High School in Changchun, China for the 2013-14 school year. Graduated 19 Chinese National Grade 12 students from the BC Dogwood diploma certification program, during the 2012-13 school year and who are currently all attending American & Canadian universities abroad. Learning & mastering the TESS Data Management Program to utilize in our office and with our teachers to create an organized network of professionals. Using a the Canadian British Columbia curriculum in a certified offshore school program. School had been through a major energy efficiency refitting of building, so we had temporary facilities till the middle of November 2012, but we have moved back to the 5th floor of the International Building @ Changchun Shiyi High School and the students & staff are enjoying the new look & space created. We are utilizing all of the facilities, including a new automated library system, new computer lab and this year a Drama room for students to express themselves. We are working on our students' future in better preparing them for life in North America, Australia or Great Britain or any other English speaking university program where they will ultimately go for extensive academic training within our global economic world.


My previous year I taught at Hefei No. 1 High School within the Canadian Program with 57 boarding students within a Chinese school with 7,000 students.  I taught; Science, Information Technology (IT) and ESL to Grade 10 students.  I worked the previous year at an elementary level at the Canadian International School of Beijing, China.  I have the opportunity to learn Mandarin and reinforce the language by using it daily.  I will be returning with a newly mastered skill, speaking Mandarin, to apply to my real estate career!

I've used my negotiating & diplomacy skills from real estate back in the education field, which was a welcoming transition for a pleasant experience with my staff!


I have the knowledge and dedication that it takes to achieve the results for your kids to accelerate into the world of international education.  I have a formal background in IB education, with emphasis in Science & Mathematics and I've achieved my Master's degree in Education at Portland State University.  Received a University Teaching diploma from the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, NB program.  Originally from NYC and I love traveling to different locations of the world.  I've lived in 8 states, overseas in Europe & China and still have my home for the past 10 years in Grand Bay-Westfield, in friendly New Brunswick, Canada.  This type of moving has given me very diversified skills. I take pride in specializing in my staff & students' needs.  Every interaction is different, every individual is unique and special.  I  listen so I can discover what their needs and wants really are.  I know that time is valuable and I don't want to waste a minute of it.  


KNOWLEDGE: In today's technological world, any information you are looking for is out therefore the taking, if you know where to find it. I will provide the knowledge necessary to filter, understand and put to best use that information. In addition to the extensive training and education that all teachers receive, I can provide something which most other educators cannot: a unique skill-set which draws upon the education and experience as a former Math and Science facilitator, real estate agent and the various careers path I've gained prior to becoming a certified educator, as well as the innate knowledge that comes from living in various parts of the Canada, United States, China and Europe.


EXPERIENCE: My formal background in Math, Science & IB and on-the-job training as a principal of an international Canadian school gives me an edge.  My Mathematics experience will help you visualize and allow me to compile, analyze and present information to you that offer benefits beyond the typical statistics most principals provide.  


INTEGRITY: There is nothing more important to me than earning and keeping your trust, since the education of children is vert important to our future!  I work under the strictest code of ethics and I am here to guide you through the confusing and sometimes intimidating process of making what is likely the single largest investment of your child's educational future. I promise to make that experience as straightforward and pleasant as I can!






EDUCATION CREDITS:                                              TOTAL CREDITS   =   73   


CREA REALTOR Code of Ethics                                      3 credits        Feb '08

Climate Change:  It's Impact on Your Personal Life         3 credits        Feb '08

SJREB Orientation                                                              6 credits        May '08

Sustainable Community Design                                          6 credits        Jun '08

FINTRAC Update & Multiple Offers - SJREB                  3 credits        Jun '08

Agency Fundamentals                                                         9 credits         Sep '08

REALTOR vs. REALTOR: Hard & Fast Rules                3 credits        Nov '08

Architectural Styles                                                               3 credits        Dec '08

Home Hydro Usage                                                               3 credits        Dec '08

Home Energy Efficiency                                                        3 credits        Dec '08

Green Heating & Cooling Options For the Home                3 credits        Dec '08

Risk Management Strategies For Errors & Omissions         3 credits        Mar '09

CRS:  Positioning & Branding: Luxury Home Expert-FL  8 credits        Jun '09

CRS:  Luxury Marketing Idea Blitz - FL                              8 credits        Jun '09

2010 REALTOR Update - NB Condo Property Act             9 credits        Jun '10


ActiveRain Real Estate Network:  "RainCamp"    Boston, MA  conf        Jul  '10




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