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In real estate time, I'm new to the industry.  I've been licensed since 2005, so I'm still in that 3 year window.  But more and more I notice little things that real estate agents do not do that I wonder "why do you do that?"  They may be nothing, but when I run them through my marketing beliefs they make no sense.  What do you think?

1) NO CONTACT INFO ON A YARD SIGN:  There are some agents around here that have a habit of putting yard signs up with no phone number on them.  The only riders they put in are their name and FOR SALE.  The body of the sign just has the large brokerage company's logo.  How can someone call on the home?  So now you're leaving it up to that potential buyer (who knows, maybe a seller too!) to grab the phone book (does anyone still use that?  Thank heavens for Google...), look for the real estate company's phone number, and call the front desk.  Depending on how their floor time/incoming call policy is, that agent may not even get that call!! 

2) NO CONTACT INFO ON A YARD SIGN WHEN IT SAYS SOLD!:  This one makes no sense to me.  You just did your job.  You sold the property.  Now you get the pleasure of putting a SOLD rider on that sign with your name.  SOLD:  THE most powerful word in real estate in the consumer's mind.  That's what they want!  So why would you then take that FOR SALE rider you have on the yard sign that we talked about in item #1 and replace it with a SOLD rider with NO CONTACT INFO about you.  How can a consumer touch base with this great agent that just sold a home in their neighborhood? 

3) MULTIPLE PHOTOS IN THE MLS:  If 79% of buyers are searching for homes online before they even pick up the phone or email an agent, then why don't we take full advantage of the services that come with our MLS?  Our local MLS (NORMLS) allows us six photos per listing, as well as a virtual tour link.  I've seen more home with no interior photos or even a single photo in the last few weeks than I did last year.  Is it a request from the client to NOT do that?  I know many people that pass by homes that don't have interior photos or even one single photo.

4) "SORRY I DON'T USE E-MAIL":  Twice in the last year I have done deals with agents that have said these words to me.  One agent was taking care of a referral of mine in Florida.  Her comment to me was "oh I don't do email, just fax me their contact info."  Um, what?  That referral didn't last long, especially since the clients were very active computer users.  The other was a local agent who I just did a deal with, whose comment to me was "I don't do that email thing, I have no clue how to check any of that stuff."  And from what I've seen and heard on tour, there's more out there.  Many agents won't embrace technology.  For me, with the tag line "Technology Drive Real Estate," that's a good thing!

5) NO RETURNED PHONE CALLS:  I personally get sick of talking to voicemails all day.  I can see the purpose of having a dedicated voicemail only line.  But when I need something or have to work through a deal, I wouldn't mind talking to the agent personally, and not a voicemail.  And if I do leave a voicemail, please call me back.  Is that how you treat your clients?  I know we're all very busy, but please, just pick up the phone and call. 

Call me young and not seeing the "whole picture."  But am I right in my thinking here, folks?  Are there any that bug you?


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Jim & Maria Hart
Brand Name Real Estate - Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC Real Estate

I absolutely agree with #5!  We make countless phone calls every day, and rarely do we get a call back.  We do get a better response with emails, but still we need to speak to an actual person at times. 

Your other points are true, too, but the phone call thing is the worst for us.

Feb 03, 2007 01:52 AM
Lysa Napolitano
Daytona Beach, FL

Matt, 5 very good points! I can't believe some out there don't use email, that blows my mind. Yesterday I had to use email to get msgs to agents due to cell problems in the area (Daytona FL), I know the agents check their email regularly! Every one of our company lawn signs has our office phone number on it, when an agent has a new listing, it doesn't go in the mls without 8 photos. There's no excuse to lose a good lead now with our technology, and with so many Real Estate Agents working to serve the public, one would think each agent would embrace the technology available!

Feb 03, 2007 02:08 AM
Matt Haze
Matt Haze Entertainment - New York, NY

Anthony, "sitting in front of a computer" isn't even valid when it comes to email.  I'm looking at my Treo right now which checks my email constantly no matter where I am.  (ironically my treo just beeped to inform me of a new message right when I finished that line!)  I also can open, forward and even fax those documents from my phone.  With so many people working at corporations in front of their email all day that can't make personal phone calls, that's the way to go!  It's worth every penny to have the ability to check email.

Feb 03, 2007 03:36 AM
Renée Donohue~Home Photography
Savvy Home Pix - Allegan, MI
Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer
No returned phone calls is my biggest pet peeves.  I DO NOT answer my phone when I am with clients but will return the calls when I am looking at a vacant house with a client that is taking their time or when I am done.  I had this happen the other day.  I call the list agent and say we have an offer coming through in a couple of hours.  She calls me back right when I am getting ready to fax the offer and asks for "feedback".  ORGANIZE & COMMUNICATE people!
Feb 03, 2007 03:37 AM
Darin Persinger
More Listings | More Sales - Madison, WI

Two thoughts- 1.These agents are the ones that do it as a hobby and will not be in it very long. 2. Their brokers love to keep them ignorant so they can hand hold them and keep bigger commision splits.

Feb 26, 2007 11:02 AM