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Buying a home in very exciting time for people, especially first time home buyers.  For 'newbies' it can be overwhelming with all the processes that they have to go through enroute to their first home.  Real estate agents are invaluable at this time.  A good agent can take away alot of stress with a good schedule of events for the buyers. 

One stressfull event on any home buyer's list is the home inspection.  This is where any problems with the home are identified and pointed out to the buyer and agent if present.  What I like to do is point out any potential or existing problems and then offer solutions to these problems.  The idea here is to not burden the home buyer with having to come up with solutions on their own.  First time buyer's find this most helpful for obvious reasons.  It also seems to let the inspection go a little more smoothly for everyone.  It is not the job of the inspector to incite a buyer or agent with unneccessary drama. 

My report often has both problem and solution (suggested) in it and I have found everyone finds this very helpful.  My goal is to make my part of the home buying process as painless as possible for all buyers, especially first time buyers.

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One of the most valuable aspects of the home inspection process is educating buyers about the home they are purchasing and providing solutions.  I always look for home inspectors to perform both of these functions in addition to looking for any hidden or obvious defects.
Mar 08, 2008 01:46 AM