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Jack Monte PrattJack Monte Pratt, a Seabee during World War II, returned to Oklahoma City after the war. Initially, Jack would hand paint signs for the local Piggly Wiggly.  Soon he built a relationship with a local advertising firm, and would fulfill orders for Oilfield Well and Safety signs.

 He and his wife, Pauline, worked together for years, researching sign materials and different methods and techniques for screen printed, outdoor durable signs.  At the time, enamel ink was used in a silk screen process to apply the graphics on the sign and they used their own kitchen oven to quicken the curing process of the ink - ensuring a long lasting, outdoor durable product.

 Since computer graphics were not around in the 1950's, hand drawn illustrations, sketches and logo types were Jacks specialty, and he would spend hours upon hours designing custom signs, by hand, until the customer was completely satisfied. 

 Today, our graphic design department, as well as our manufacturing process maintains the same standards that Jack put forth over 60 years ago.  We use a powder coating method to apply the background colors on all steel sign panels and angle iron frames, while digital printing has augmented our screen printing process, giving more accurate color matching capabilities, realistic photo quality, and smoother gradients and half-tones.



Monte Pratt's office - command central

Our graphic design team can develop custom signs, as well as custom logos.  We charge a one time design fee of $100.  Custom logos may be developed for $200.  All graphic design fees are one time, flat rates and include unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction of your sign design and logo development.


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