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Yesterday, the headline on the paper was that there were going to be 111 teachers laid off in Murrieta our sister municipality.  Another sign of the hard times with which our area is being hit. The face of the needy really isn't what you may typically think it would be - there are lots of professionals who have lost their main source of income because of the housing downturn.  Lenders and agents are a large chunk of people who may be losing their homes and/or are in need. 

This Friday morning I pulled up to the Temecula Food Pantry to donate numerous cans of food that I know will not get eaten in my home.  There were large jars of pumpkin and tomato soup, a can of tuna, and some hamburger helper that I can't stand to eat.  I know that these items will help someone who may be going through some hard times right now.  I am grateful for being able to have to food to eat.  I am also grateful for possibly being able to help some of the nearly 20 faces who were standing in line to recieve a donation that typical Friday morning in Temecula.  Perhaps maybe you can also rummage through your pantry and find some items that could make a difference for someone in need today. 

The Temecula Pantry is located at 27780 Pujol Street in Old Town.  If you take Santiago west across the bridge at Front Street, Pujol will be the next street.  Turn left and go past the Boys and Girls Club facility.  The pantry will be the next building on your left before the street dead ends.  You can also call them at 951-676-8022. 

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