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i wrote a post before on home warrentie seems some people are for the and some are against them.Being a real estate professional in Fairdale ky, which is right outside of Louisville ky a home that i am getting ready to list for a good friend of mine, the oweners furnance went out on this past thursday. With the big snow storm that was getting ready to hit us( we got 10-12 inches) and temps dropping into the 20's my friend was very luck that he got the repairs done that day.What if i had just sold that house to someone without a warrenty? There is a pretty good chance that I would have somehow gotten the blame. Dont think it can happen? Well a good friend friend and fellow agent who's name i wont use sold a mutal aquaintance of ours a home within the first month he had several problems with the house. Another person who all three of us know told my agent friend that the buyer was going around and telling everyone that they worked with (a company with about 200 employees) that my agent friend sold him a bad house. Through no fault of his own this situation cost my friend money as I have been approached by 2 of the people who work there if i could help them find a place.Some will argue and say that maybe it was the inspectors fault but my reply is if there was a warrenty then the problems would be fixed and the homeowner will think i am sure glad i have that warrenty or i would have been out some serious money  thanks Bart. Customer service above and beyond.

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Michael (Mike) Elliott
Nottingham Real Estate Group - Hamilton, NJ
I used to sell alot of them, about 50 per year. All was good. Then the 2 companies I used were rude to clients and denied almost every claim. The ones they approves were like pulling teeth.
Mar 08, 2008 09:44 AM
Eric Reid
Renaissance Realty Group of Keller Williams Atlanta Partners - Lawrenceville, GA
I think they make get House Warming Gifts at closing no matter what side of the table you are on it shows that you stand behind your product if you are the listing agent or you judgement if you are the selling agent
Mar 08, 2008 09:55 AM