Don't let your own listings Expire

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Nothing would make me happier if each of my agents called 5 expireds per week, a minimum of one per day.    I won't hold my breath waiting for that pipe dream to come true, ha, ha, but what I definitely don't want is anyone calling on any of ours, especially if the seller intended to re-list.

We have had a sort of a little problem lately with agents forgetting when their listings were expiring even though they and the seller intended to re-list.   Of course, that wasn't much of a problem for the past 5+ years until recently as nothing hardly ever expired, but it is becoming more of an issue.  

Agents should make sure when they take a listing to immediately put a reminder in their computer, laptop, phone, palm pilot, wall calendar, Day-Timer or whatever they have to remind them when their listings will expire.   I appreciate an agent's confidence that their listings will never expire, but if you are listing enough property eventually it will happen to you.  

One trick is to not list things for exactly 6 months, but to always round it to the nearest 1st of a month so your expireds will always come up at the same time and you can implement a reminder system about the 20th of each month or sooner to remind you to make sure you have nothing expiring.   Earlier is always better especially if you have an out of state or hard to reach seller or one where everything must be mailed vs. emailed or faxed.   Finally, the last thing you want is for other agents to be calling your seller at 9 am one morning because you forgot and the listing expired at midnight the night before.  Very embarrassing and totally unnecessary.

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David Petrovich
S.P.O.C.H. a 501c3 Charitable NP - Oakhurst, NJ
Correct me if I'm wrong.  Any property that is properly priced, and reasonably exposed to its market should sell, or at least receive offers on,  within 30 days.  What's changed? 
Feb 22, 2007 05:00 AM