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We had our home on the market with another agent for over 3 months with little or no showings.  John listed it and had it sold in 2 weeks. We only wish we had gone with John to begin with.


Charles and Ruth Pecorraro


Happy BuyerJohn is the best realtor I've worked with. Over the years, I have purchased about 6 homes, and he's by far the most responsive, connected, and enthusiastic realtor I've worked with. He's also excellent at providing feedback in the current market conditions. He's become our family realtor as my son and his family introduced me to John when I was ready to look for my latest home.

Veronica Weber


  John was a great realtor to work with.  I spoke to many realtors in my life and John is easily the most knowledgeable.  He understood the military well and was able to guide me through the process of selling my home in an extremely tough real-estate market.  He was also the only agent I spoke with whom had an understanding of the army's Home-owner Assistance Program (HAP). John most impressed me at the close of my home sale when, despite not getting any more money in his commission, he fought for my interest and was able to get me an additional $500 at the time of closing.  I have sold four homes in my life and John was head and shoulders above the other three realtors. Not only is he easy to speak with but he has a great handle on the business and financial side of real estate.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question.

Dr. Matthew Kidd, Captain, US Army, Medical  Corp



Happy Buyers


"John is honest, hardworking and did a great job for us!" 

 - Mark Correria and Sarah Marsh 


  About two years ago my wife and I started the search for our first home. We were extremely excited and Happy Buyeroptimistic. We were using another agent with a different firm and we were not seeing anything close to the house we were hoping to find. We started to question everything - Where we being unrealistic? Did the type of house we want not exist in our area? The process of finding a home was becoming overwhelmingly frustrating. We met John through mutual acquaintances and stayed in touch. While discussing the current market and our situation with John, it became quickly evident that John's passion and knowledge of not only our local market, but the real estate business and the housing market as a whole was much stronger than our current agent. We decided to make a change and asked John to help us find a house. Without question, that single decision was the best decision we made in the entire house hunting experience. In the previous two years, we had seen dozens of houses but none got us excited to the point of purchasing. When we started looking with John, most of the houses he showed us were what we wanted and a few got us really excited - we had options! Long story short, within weeks of starting to work with John, we had found our dream home, negotiated and were under contract. After that, John advised us through the mortgage, inspection and closing process and without question saved us money and frustrations in every step of the process. In less than two months working with John we found, purchased and moved in to our new home. We would like to express our wholehearted appreciation for John and his commitment to finding our first home. We would not have found our house without his passion, drive and knowledge. Simply put - because of John, we have a home. Thank you!

Scott and Mary Kate Baker


John is the best realtor I have worked with. He had the skill and expertise to sell my house under the government Housing Assistance Program. Bottom line, he delivered and sold our house. 

Capt Han, USAF


 John Cameron is the greatest Realtor ever!   He helped us find our dream home in Orting WA! Beautifull area.... we were so impressed how great he is even funny too but i thank you so much John for helping us find our home our family and i are so thankful... i highly recommend John C.. he will find your dream home one way or the other... thanks


Elivia Lamas


 John was great to work with, very honest and informative about the real estate busines. He found us a great firstHappy Buyer home that we got an excellent deal on. He knew what we needed and what our range was and stayed within those perameters when looking for homes. He talked both my husband I through the process (a few times) so that we knew what was going on. Even though he lives on the other side of the water, he would hop on ferries to meet up with us during our searches. John is also very easy on the eyes and charming :)


Megan Disney



Happy BuyersWe are BIG John Cameron fans...he found a great home for us, and negotiated a great price. We came to John with financing prepared, which unfortunately fell apart. John SAVED us, and our earnest money with financing from CENTURY21 Mortgage. John was on top of every detail from start to finish, and it was a great experience.




 We looked for over a year with another agent who was probably very typical of most agents. We'd get pages and pages of homes in our price range and told to call if we wanted to see anything. We looked at dozens of homes and none of them were close to what we wanted. After meeting John through a friend and talking about our situation, it was clear that John's knowledge and approach to the home search was far better than our current agent. Immediately after our initial conversations with John, we began receiving very detailed and personalized reports on available homes that outlined the good and the bad in relation to our preferences. The best part is that with each home we saw, our feedback was used to find more appropriate listings and narrow our search even further. Finally, after only a few weeks with John, we found a home that fit us perfectly that had come on the market just hours before we saw it. I am confident that had we been with a more typical agent, the house would have come and gone before we even saw it; something that happened countless times with the previous agent. John continued to expertly guide us through the negotiation and inspection process. We can't recommend John enough.


Steve and Carolyn Fraser – USArmy


Satisfied Sellers John had our home sold in 3 days...we would absolutely do business with John again, and give our highest praise. We would recommend anyone thinking of buying or selling to use John to help them. He truly cares and it shows. ...he is a hard working young man.


Stacey and Doug Ellis


 John is the best agent I have ever met...

Richard Heeke - Boeing Physicist



Jed Boba


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