Special offer

Stirling Sotheby’s Auction Division!

Real Estate Agent
  • No commission paid by seller.
  • Limited showings/open houses of your property prior to auction.
  • Non-contingent offers on your property.
  • Forced Market Reaction due to the predetermined sale date creates a sense of urgency and requires a decision.
  • Target Marketing and concentrated advertising program, for a brief period of time, magnifies the benefits and maximizes the return.
  • The advertising will spotlight the properties and the absence of a price will stimulate potential buyers to consider the property.
  • Brings all prospective buyers together at one time and one place to compete for the property being sold.
  • The sellers will receive, through open competitive bidding, the highest offers available in the market.
  • Allows us to offer the property in a manner that will yield the highest returns.
  • Turns a negotiation into competitive bidding.
  • Establishes True Market Value.
  • Seller-controlled terms of the transaction.
  • Considering the time value of money and ongoing interest costs accelerated auction marketing yields a potential higher price than might be obtained at a later date in the future.
  • The Sellers and all creditors can confidently plan and make commitments knowing the property will be sold for the best price available on a specific date.
  • Auctions, many times, yield a higher selling price than negotiated sales and set no limits on what the property might bring.
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