Agents mimic my advertising!

Real Estate Agent with Re/Max Realty Specialists Inc.

I had a call from one of my clients telling me that another agent was advertising in the area and it looks like my advertising.  I picked up the copy and sure enough it looked very similar to mine.

At first I was ticked off, but then after talking to my marketing team they advised me that I should take it as a compliment.  People & companies always try to ride the coat tails of success.  I have been established in the area for a number of years and here was an agent trying to get in.  Best way? Mimic what works.

I'm still ticked, but not much I can do, other than do better!  ...and I always have.  My ads are catchy, full color, proofed, with no B.S. gimmiks or scams.

Once again 'CallPaul' and see the difference!

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