How long does it take to build a home?

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Generally speaking, the home building process in Southwest Florida is about 4-6 months. There are many factors that can affect the time frame for building a home. From the size of your home to the size of your building crew, to the potential issues that may arise throughout the process, it can be hard to estimate an exact time frame. However, below are the phases that you can typically anticipate as you progress through the process. Most phases are about a week, but some may be 2-3 weeks, while others may be only a few days.

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Preparation: Layout/Stake-out
Engineers carefully plan the community layout and site each home for maximum aesthetics. The home-site is cleared and staked out.

Week 1: Excavation
The site is excavated by large machines, grading the land to promote proper drainage.

Phase 1: Footing
The “footer” is a concrete base below the frost-line, upon which the foundation sits.

Phase 2: Foundation
Load-bearing walls of masonry or concrete create one of two types of Florida foundations: crawl space or slab. The foundation then needs to be inspected.

Phase 3: Framing

The floor, wall, and roof framing forms the “skeleton” of the home. After the framing inspection, exterior finishes are applied.

Phase 4: Mechanicals
This includes installation of the heating and cooling system, the plumbing lines, and the electrical system.

Phase 5: Insulation
Insulation is installed in your home’s walls and attic, with an insulating ability that is appropriate for the local climate.

Phase 6: Drywall

Interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall (sometimes called “gypsum board”), then sanded, primed, and painted with a first coat.

Phase 7: Trim
During this phase, doors, cabinets, and molding are installed.

Phase 8: Paint
After putting up trim and drywall, interior surfaces are painted

Phase 9: Final Trades
Electrical and plumbing professionals install plugs, light fixtures, faucets, toilets, and appliances. Systems are checked and started.

Phase 10: Flooring
Your choice of flooring is installed according to specifications. (Sometimes for vinyl or tile flooring, this phase takes place earlier in the process.)

Phase 11: Cleaning and Third-Party Inspection
Your home is almost ready for you to move in! First, it is thoroughly cleaned, and an appraisal is scheduled.

Phase 12: Pre-Settlement Demonstration
When your home is complete, you should return just before settlement for a thorough review, which should include an orientation on all systems and features. Before you move in, your builder should address all of your questions to ensure you are comfortable before closing on your new home.

Congratulations! You’re ready to begin your homebuilding adventure. If you have questions, let us know. Good luck!

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