Why do I need to put carbon monoxide detectors in ?

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I often hear them cry why should I, below if information to help all.



A new law emphasizing the importance of carbon monoxide alarms in Washington homes has created many questions about which real estate transactions it affects. Here are a few points synopsized from a recent Coldwell Banker Danforth memo to clarify the requirements:

As of April 1, 2012, sellers of OWNER OCCUPIED single family homes, condos and mobile homes must install carbon monoxide alarms prior to closing. Homes that have electric heat are not exempt. Homes without attached garages are not exempt.

  • Listing brokers (real etate agents) need to let the seller know, at the time of listing, that they will be required to install carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Some appraisers are looking for the alarms and calling for them to be installed before closing. If you’re buying a home, make sure the seller is aware that this is best done prior to the appraisal. Should the appraiser have to return for reinspection, the buyer may have to pay for the additional inspection.
  • Bank Owned properties will not have to comply as the property is vacant.
  • Short Sale Sellers that live in the home will have to install the alarms.
  • The resale of homes built after January 1, 2011 should not be affected as they should already have the alarms installed. Building code has required them since that date




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