This Is Why I Do What I Do!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with OurHouse

This Is Why I Do What I Do!

Every once in a while I get hit over the head with a reminder of why real estate is the best career ever.  I had that experience again this week.


My clients have been on quite the roller coaster.  We found a buyer for their current home, found a  great deal on a home they loved.  The seller of the home they were buying, which she was giving up after 30 years, was able to bump another buyer to get the perfect home near her daughter’s.  Everything was moving along nicely. 

My client’s buyer having been less than upfront regarding certain issues, could not perform on the contract to buy my clients’ home.  They then, could not buy the home they fell in love with and their seller lost the opportunity to buy the home she wanted.  Everyone was in tears, it was a sad situation.

Long story short, my clients found a way to move without selling, the home they wanted was still available, the house their seller wanted suddenly became available again and this time there were happy tears all around.

Tonight I will attend a house warming dinner at my clients’ dream home.    THIS is why I do what I do!





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