VA Loans Orem Utah

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VA Loans Orem Utah

Orem, Utah VA Loans Veterans Affairs Loans are an excellent way to finance your home in Orem, Utah; provided that you are a service member, a surviving husband/wife, or a veteran.

Here are the awesome benefits of using Veterans Affairs Loans (VA) in Orem, Utah:

- No Down Payment!

- Relaxed credit standards in comparison to other loans.

- Interest Rates are competitive and may be lower than you think!


All of these benefits are great, but you need to qualify for them! Here's how you qualify:

- Your credit score has to be decent.

- To meet certain service requirements (such as length of service/duty status).

- Sufficient Income.

- And a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).


Once the COE is completed, you give it to your lender, who looks over the COE and finds that you've been backed for a VA Loan. Where do you get a COE form? We can help you, or you can get a copy through Veterans Affairs. To get more information about everything we've talked about go to The US Department of Veteran Affairs.

As always, we have a free online application to help you begin this process. However, the best way to really understand how to get a VA Loan is by talking with a local lender who has experience on all the little unique details involved when financing with VA Loans (and believe me, there are a lot of details).

Look no further than the Spencer Stott Lending Team. They have all the information you need and will help you finance your home. Call us for a free consultation at: 801-960-2111.

Or you can go to Spencer Stott and his team are here to help you finance your dream home in Orem, Utah.

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