It's Easy To Join The PTA At Heritage Elementary Highland Village

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I am one step closer to becoming a card-carrying member of the SMC, or the Suburban Mom Club.  Well, that's just what I call it.  I will probably never get my full-fledged membership as I continue to opt for the less-than convenient, gas-guzzling SUV instead of a mini-van.  But, I have checked off many boxes like enjoying an adult beverage before 5 pm during the week, attending a home jewelry party and getting regular pedicures.  My most recent addition was taking on a volunteer roll with my daughter's school's PTA.

I remember going to elementary school with the tiny manilla envelope with a few dollar bills to donate to my own school's PTA so it's just natural to join the PTA at Heritage Elementary in Highland Village, TX.  

Did you know that for the first time ever, you can join the PTA at Heritage ONLINE?  I am all about ease of use and getting things done ASAP.  I never seem to have a checkbook with me so to be able to do everything online is a huge bonus.  In only 9-10 minutes, I was able to:

  • Sign up for the PTA
  • Volunteer 
  • Buy my daughter her spirit wear
  • Purchase a "birthday book" for the library and Birthday Book Club

It's so simple and quick, why wouldn't you take advantage of this and check your own box off?  If you are interested in joining the PTA online, go to  There's no reason you shouldn't!

PTA Membership Heritage Elementary

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